Sun Therapeutics

The Doctor


Traditional Chinese Medicine (中醫) is rooted very much in my Chinese upbringing. I remember visiting those multi-generational clinics with the 'old doctor' (老中醫) taking pulses and examining tongues surrounded by hundreds of jars of different herbal medicines. I never thought that would be me one day, but somehow, fate and will led me to pursue this fascinating realm. And here I am, 30 years later, practicing the ancient philosophy of Chinese Medicine in Beverly Hills, California. My approach to providing health care is valuing gentle and non-invasive solutions over aggressive methods. Too often, we rely on drugs and surgeries to fix us when we should approach more delicately. We shouldn't attack our bodies, rather we should work to restore it. Treating the cause not the symptom is so frequently said by healthcare professionals nowadays that it almost becomes cliché, but I truly embrace this idea. Because of its non-invasive nature, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be beneficial to almost every person; in combination with western medical theories and modern practices, it can be a powerful healing system for many ailments and diseases. In the past decade, holistic health and self-care gained massive audiences across the globe. Think about yoga, meditation, herbal remedies, nutrition, etc, all of which that went out of fashion with the advent of modern sciences are becoming mainstream once again. If you want to take the natural approach to your own health or you feel that conventional medicine has given up you, I encourage you to come to me. 

Healthy is wealthy!